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David Binder, M. Sc.

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David Binder
Universität Tübingen
WSI - Programmiersprachen und Softwaretechnik
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Open Thesis Topics

Implementing the language server protocol for Koka

The Language Server Protocol (LSP) defines a protocol used between an editor or IDE and a language server that provides language features like auto complete, go to definition, find all references etc. The Language Server Protocol has to be implemented once for every programming language and once for every editor, instead of once for every combination of programming language and editor, thus reducing a m x n problem to a m + n problem.

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Assigned Thesis Topics

Implementing functional graph algorithms in a dependently typed language

In functional languages, such as Haskell, we find existing libraries for working with graphs. These libraries contain the definitions of the necessary datatypes and the functions working on them. Examples of such libraries (in Haskell) are the FGL library by Martin Erwig and the Data.Graph module in the containers package.

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