Programming Languages and Software Technology

Programming Languages and Software Technology (PS)

Our research group is concerned with the design of programming languages, methodologies, and tools that improve the productivity of software developers.

Selected Research Projects

Computational Thinking

Effekt: Algebraic Effect Handlers

Uroboro: De- /Refunctionalization for Modularity

Recent News

Paper Award at GPCE 2018

At GPCE 2018, we have been awarded a “Most Influential Paper Award” for our 2008 GPCE paper on “Polymorphic Embedding of DSLs” by Hofer, Ostermann, Rendel, and Moors.

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Presentation at OOPSLA 2018

Jonathan Brachthäuser
Jonathan Immanuel Brachthäuser
presents the paper Effect Handlers for the Masses at the International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA) in Boston, MA, USA.

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