Programming Languages

Dagstuhl Seminar on Domain-Specific Languages

Klaus Ostermann
Klaus Ostermann
and Tillmann Rendel
Tillmann Rendel
attend the Dagstuhl-Seminar on Domain-Specific Languages from February 1 to 6, 2015. Several participants are interested in language design patterns, and Tillmann Rendel
Tillmann Rendel
co-organizes a breakout group on the topic with Ulrik Pagh Schultz and Eric Walkingshaw.

Breakout Group on Language Design Patterns

We met in a breakout group of ca. 15 participants to discuss whether systematic approaches to (domain-specific or general-purpose) programming language design could be communicated in the form of language design patterns. Main topics of discussion included:

  • Is a pattern language appropriate to talk about language design?

  • Which granularity of language design should the patterns address?

  • How would domain-specific patterns differ from general-purpose patterns?

  • What are good examples of language design patterns?

  • How should language design patterns be evaluated?

  • How can the community work together to find and describe language design patterns?

The breakout session resulted in the creation of a mailing list to further discuss these and other questions related to language design patterns or the communication of systematic approaches to language design in general.

Some participants consider to work more on language design patterns, maybe co-author a book on the topic and/or organize a workshop to collaboratively work on language design patterns.

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