Programming Languages

Blockchain Technology


How to register

The maximum number of participants is around 10-12. We expect that the demand is higher than the number of slots. Please follow these instructions to apply for the course:

  • Send an email to the instructor with the title “Application Blockchain Seminar”
  • Include the following information: Name, Matrikel-No., Course of Study, current ToR and BSc certificate (if applicable), one paragraph of text arguing why you are interested in the seminar and why you are likely to participate successfully.
  • Selection will be made based on the candidates with the most suitable background
  • Deadline for the email is Tuesday, April 19, 23:59. It can be an advantage to send the email earlier (e.g. in the first week of the semester break).
  • Notifications about seminar participation will be sent on April 20.


  • Weekly meetings with one presentation in B217, Sand 13, 16:15
  • Roughly 60 minutes presentation time, 30 min discussion time
  • Presentation must include bibliography of relevant literature
  • Optional ICO (Intermittent Cookie Offering) during presentation
  • Grading: Class participation 30%, Presentation 70%

Possible Topics

  • 27.4.: Blockchain Basics (LDr)
    • Digital signatures, Hashing, Merkle trees, Blockchain
  • 4.5. Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Mining (PV)
  • 18.5. Transactions, UTXO (AP)
  • 25.5. Wallets (AP)
  • 1.6. Smart Contracts 1, Solidity and the EVM (LDe)
  • 22.6. Fees and Gas 1 2 (LDe)
  • 29.6. Sharding, Scalability 1 2 (CL)
  • 6.7. 18:00 Oracles 1 2 (CL)
  • 13.7. Cardano (PV)
  • 20.7. Blockchain Software Development (LDre)
    •, Brownie, Testing, Testnets