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Web Programming with Framework (Praktikum)

Trend of shifting from desktop application to web application encourage software-house (or programmer) to develop high-quality web application in a short period of time. Development of web application using web framework can be faster then development from scratch.

In this Praktikum, We will cover various concepts of modern web framework programming and how to implement it to build web application using Laravel. The implementation of these concepts do not limit to Laravel framework, but it can apply to another web framework like Symfony, Codeigniter, etc.


  • Introduction to Web application
  • Programming in PHP
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) programming
  • Web framework concepts with Laravel (Routing, Controller, Request, Response, CSRF, Template, Session, Validation and Error Handling, Logging, Model, Mail, Helper, and Middleware).
  • More about Laravel (Database testing, Authentication, HTTP Testing, Mocking, Eloquent ORM, Notification, Debugging with Telescope, Task Scheduling, Queues, Testing with Dusk, etc).

Entry in the Campus system

Entry in the Campus system:


We meet every Monday at 14 c.t. - 16 in room A302 (Sand)

Project ideas

There are some categories for possible projects. You are very welcome to invent your own project.

  • Full-text search with Laravel Scout
  • Point of Sale (PoS) with Laravel Cashier
  • Web API with Laravel Passport
  • Authentication with Laravel Socialite
  • CRUD+ web application
  • Web-based IDE for programming language

Project deadline and exam

  • Project deadline: 23.02.2020
  • Oral exam: 24.02.2020 & 25.02.2020


To participate in this course, send an email containing your name, Matrikelnummer and Studiengang to Steven Lolong
Steven Lolong




Knowledge in HTML, Javascript and PHP is helpful but not required.

Lecture Notes


All solution sheets are zipped and password protected, please use the passwords were shared in the lecture.


Presentation slides are zipped and password protected, please use the passwords were shared in the lecture.

Oral Exam