Programming Languages

Elementary school course "Informatisches Denken"

The overall goal of this course is to impart knowledge on how to solve problems. The first step is to analyze the problem, for instance by decomposing it into (easier to solve) partial problems.

Concretely, students will learn this by developing algorithms following a plan. To enable them to do so, the underlying algorithmic concepts, like sequence, loop, and conditions, are introduced stepwise and by drawing examples from and parallels to everyday life.

As outlined in the overview of our school project, our main intention is that students understand the underlying principles (thus the name “Informatisches Denken”).

Target audience

The course “Informatisches Denken” is targeted at children of grades 3-4.

The course at associate schools

The course is currently offered at two elementary schools in Tübingen:

  • Grundschule auf der Wanne, Eduard-Spranger-Str. 69

    • Jan 13 to Mar 24 (except Jan 20 and holidays), every Friday 2:00-3:30pm
  • Hügelschule, Hügelstr. 17-19

    • Feb 6 to Jul 24 (except holidays), every Monday 2:45-3:30pm