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An Online Repository for Haskell Code Snippets

The idea of fragment-based code distribution is to distribute code in units of individual functions instead of packages as is mostly done today. We have a prototype implementation of a fragment-based code package manager fragnix [0] for Haskell. In a talk at Haskell Implementors Workshop 2017 we gave a demo of how functions could be stored online and retrieved individually [1].

The question of how to find the code fragments we want in this big sea of functions naturally arises. One answer could be to use modern ranking and recommendation techniques on code. The goal of this thesis is to implement a website that allows you to search for and browse through Haskell code snippets. It should “look good”, show “related code” and have a “search” functionality. “Like youtube, but for code”.

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Philipp Schuster

David Binder