Programming Languages

Presentation at DSLDI workshop

Julian Jabs
Julian Jabs
delivers a talk on Explanation-Oriented Introductory Programming at the International Workshop on Domain-Specific Language Design and Implementation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Introductory programming languages have been researched for multiple decades. We point out the lack of a systematic prescriptive theory in the field, and propose to consider the explanation-oriented approach as a possible step to remedy this situation. We also explain how the seed for this idea is already present in work on traceability which evolved towards explanation-orientation. Regarding our goal of systematizing introductory language theory, we believe one can make use of both the insight gained from research on explanation-oriented languages as well as certain sources of that research. As an example for this, we take a closer look at narrative structure, a concept utilized in both explanation-oriented and introductory programming.

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